Dann Sommer

Dann Sommer

Digital Business Developer, Internet Marketing Consultant & Network Maximizer.

Currently employed at HyperSynectics - ´...You can´t bee too connected...´


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    I help Business Owners... - Getting started with social media - Mastering social media - Maximising their presence on Social Media & Internet for their company - Get connected - ... with the right people ! - Using professional business networking tools - and also, guiding motivated people to become the better version of themselves With many years of working in computer business, years of business networking, years of experience as self-employed and working with marketing, graphic design, personal coaching and website development I recently began specializing in helping individuals and companies fit their marketing efforts and identities into their social networks. In other words : - I am a Social Media Strategy Consultant - I am a Social Media Practitioner Also : - I am a ´Network Maximizer´, Mental Trainer & Business Coach


Digital Business Developer, Online Marketing Consultant

At HyperSynectics - ´...You can´t bee too connected...´

From October 2000 to Present

Ecademy Digital School, London, London

Digital Media Practitioner/Certified Digital Coach, Internet & Online Media Strategy Consulting

From August 2010 to February 2011
The vision of the Ecademy Digital School is to build a Global Network of Digital Coaches to improve the adoption and ethical implementation of digital tools and online communities, therefore increasing the economic results of all participating businesses and the Ecademy Digital Coaches. - Ecademy...
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Centres d'intérêt

  • I enjoy working and networking with non-conformant self-employed
  • Learning the art and skill of just ´being´ - and being and doi
  • managers and executives in innovative fields of business with an international perspective.